Media & Freedom of expression

Media law and the principle of freedom of expression cover various areas such as copyright, press, advertising, communication (electronic, audiovisual), film and culture.

The lawyers at Cabinet FÉRAL can assist you in managing your media law issues, whatever your status and your specific sector of activity (press agencies and companies, particularly online, radio and television channels, publishers, producers, broadcasters, audiovisual communication companies, etc.).

In this respect, we can help you negotiate and draft all types of contracts (publishing, co-publishing, exploitation and distribution, production, partnerships), including aspects relating to the labour law applied to journalists, photojournalists or other collaborators involved in the creation of pluralistic works (collective or collaborative).

We also assist you in the creation of your communication tools: websites, social networks, messaging systems, online platforms, etc.

Finally, Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all disputes relating to media rights in all their diversity, at the pre-litigation and litigation stages, and whatever your position (plaintiff/victim or defendant): press offences (insult, defamation, etc.), infringement actions, etc.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to the publication director of a company publishing a news website in the context of a defamation accusation made against him. He was acquitted;

2. Assistance to a public official in the context of the filing of criminal complaints for insult and defamation;

3. Assistance to a software publisher in assessing whether an article in a digital magazine criticising one of its flagship software products was defamatory.

Latest publications

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