Image rights

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all your efforts to protect and defend your image rights.

Whether you are a public figure, an individual or a company, we protect and defend your image rights in a variety of ways, including

– Negotiations with content publishers;
– Drafting of image rights assignment agreements;
– Approaches to search engines (de-listing):
– Approaches to technical intermediaries (in particular LCEN notifications to hosts);
– Legal actions (complaints, requests, summary proceedings, actions on the merits, etc.);
– …

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you both when your image rights are infringed and when you yourself are accused of having infringed the image of a third party, or when you intend to assign your image rights or have them assigned to you.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a large shopping centre in the Ile-de-France region in obtaining image rights for shoppers in the context of commercial events and activities taking place in the centre, during which participants (adults and minors) are photographed and/or filmed. This issue involves a complex interplay between several bodies of French law as it consists of drafting a consent form for the transfer of image rights of the purchasers while preserving their rights with regard to the applicable data protection regulation (RGPD);

2. Assistance to an association in the education sector for the elaboration and drafting of authorisations for the use of the image of adults and minors;

3. Assistance to a company in the drafting of authorisations for the recording, use and exploitation of elements of the personality of two natural persons, including image and voice.

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