The lawyers of Cabinet FÉRAL intervene to guarantee the protection and defence of your private life and your reputation, particularly online (“eReputation”).

The digital environment opens the way to an increase in the number of attacks on your privacy and your reputation.

Various procedures are available to you to defend your rights to the protection of your privacy, your image and your reputation, including those offered by the law of 29 July 1881, the Civil Code as well as the RGPD, which more recently came to reinforce these rights.

We assist you in the implementation of these different procedures, and this by different means, in particular

– Negotiations with content publishers;
– Negotiations with search engines (dereferencing):
– Approaches to technical intermediaries (in particular LCEN notifications to hosts);
– Legal actions (complaints, requests, summary proceedings, actions on the merits, etc.), particularly for defamation, insult or denigration, or for invasion of privacy or identity theft;
– Exercising the right to be forgotten;
– Approaches to the CNIL;
– Publication of rights of reply;
– Data erasure procedures ;
– …

We assist you whether you are a victim of such infringements or accused of being the cause of them.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to the publication director of a company publishing a news website in the context of a defamation accusation made against him. He was acquitted;

2. Assistance to a public official in the context of the filing of criminal complaints for insult and defamation;

3. Assistance to a software publisher in assessing whether an article in a digital magazine criticising one of its flagship software products was defamatory.

Latest publications

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