Computer contracts

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in your most complex IT contract projects: software development, licenses, ERP/PGI integration (SAP, ORACLE, etc.), CRM or business applications, facilities management, maintenance, outsourcing, cloud computing (private or public) etc.

For more than 30 years, Cabinet FERAL has been developing and evolving the contracts necessary for the implementation of IT projects, from the simplest to the most complex, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Cabinet FERAL’s risk-based approach is perfectly suited to complex projects, allowing clients to identify the risk scenarios that are likely to occur and to provide an adapted and pragmatic contractual solution for each scenario.

Our knowledge of IT litigation allows us to negotiate an IT contract taking into consideration the judicial effectiveness of its clauses.

Our clients are French or foreign private companies (large accounts, SMEs, independent contractors) as well as public entities.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to the world leader in modular construction in the implementation of a CRM tool in the cloud (SalesForces): drafting and negotiation of the integration contract of this solution, analysis of the impacts of this solution on the legislation protecting personal data;

2. Assistance to one of the main logistic operators in the industrial and automotive sector for a global outsourcing project of its entire IT infrastructure worldwide: assistance in the definition of the legal requirements of the call for tenders launched for the implementation of this project and the selection of the different candidates; drafting and negotiation of an outsourcing contract with the candidates;

3. Assistance to an international manufacturer and distributor of men’s textile clothing for an outsourcing project of its messaging system to Google (cloud): identification of the contractual requirements, analysis table of the contract proposed by Google with regard to the previously identified risks, drafting of the modifications to be integrated into the contract;

4. Assistance to a private foundation specialized in biomedical research, for the total overhaul of its information system: elaboration of calls for tender, drafting of legal requirements, assistance in the selection of candidates, drafting and negotiation of contracts (integration of ERP/SAP solutions, hosting in private cloud mode).

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