Capture of digital evidence

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all procedures involving the seizure of digital evidence.

The solution to a dispute depends on the facts that the parties manage to prove. Therefore, in the absence of elements allowing to prove one’s claims, it is often necessary to proceed with seizures prior to a litigation action on the merits, in particular of digital evidence: connection data, IP address, logs, geolocation, metadata, etc.

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all these procedures aimed at seizing digital evidence.

These complex procedures require a perfect command of the applicable law but also a thorough knowledge of technologies and information systems. Indeed, raw digital information is not enough to establish a fact. It is also necessary to be able to demonstrate the integrity and authenticity of the information seized in order to use it as digital evidence.

The lawyers at Cabinet FÉRAL are trained in these procedures, which they are used to using in their litigation practice.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company in the insurance sector in the search for and collection of evidence in order to identify the perpetrator(s) of contentious acts that led them to carry out a large-scale online fraud operation to its detriment and to the detriment of consumers;

2. Assistance to a media company in the search, collection and seizure of digital evidence for the purpose of identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of a piracy network whose purpose was to unlawfully market the company’s audiovisual content;

3. Assisting a company that has been the victim of the misappropriation of its domain names and social network accounts by a competitor in the collection of evidence to identify the perpetrator of these acts of misappropriation.

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