Business criminal law litigation

Cabinet FÉRAL has been involved in criminal business law cases for over 30 years.

Cabinet FÉRAL assists its clients in all areas of criminal business law and in particular in cases relating to technology, media, digital and intellectual property.

Thus, Cabinet FÉRAL deals with cases relating to the following offences

– Counterfeiting offences
– Press offences;
– Cybercrime (attacks on automated data processing systems (STAD), online identity theft, violation of the secrecy of correspondence, etc.);
– Economic offences (misuse of company assets, fraud, breach of trust);
– Violations of the regulations on online gambling;
– Infringements of the law on personal data.

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all stages of the criminal procedure: from the filing of a criminal complaint to the execution of the court decision.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company in the insurance sector in the dismantling of a large-scale online fraud operation to its detriment and to the detriment of consumers;

2. Assistance to a wholesale company, victim of cybercrime and in particular of a “president scam” and phishing scam;

3. Assisting a company in the jewellery sector in an infringement action against a competitor who created a line of jewellery which he named identically to a trademark registered by the client;

4. Defending the interests of a private individual, who is being sued in his personal capacity and as a representative of a legal entity, in a criminal case involving software infringement;

5. Assisting a major conditional access television programme publisher in a major dispute relating to the piracy of its encrypted channels and their content (in particular sports content), and their availability on the Internet free of charge and without its authorisation, involving major criminal sanctions and compensation claims, and assisting this client in defining the litigation and pre-litigation strategy to combat these infringing acts;

6. Assistance to a major conditional access television programme publisher in the context of litigation, some of which were international in scope, relating to the marketing of devices intended to allow free access to its encrypted programmes.

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