Technology projects

The Cabinet FÉRAL accompanies you in the implementation of your technological projects, from the simplest to the most complex and innovative.

As soon as your project is launched, we work with you to identify the risks to be anticipated: risks related to the management of the project, its schedule and its budget, but also the legal obligations to be anticipated in the design of your project. Our knowledge of the litigation of technological projects, allows us to advise you in order to identify, anticipate and treat these risks.

We deal with these risks as early as the consultation or tender phase, and then in the contracts. Within the framework of contractual negotiations, this risk-based approach also allows us to help you better evaluate the stakes involved in requests for contract amendments.

Cabinet FÉRAL also assists you in the event of a dispute with your partners or service providers, whether in the monitoring of the contract (steering committees), then in the context of emergency procedures, legal expertise, proceedings on the merits, or in the search for transactional solutions.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a start-up early stage company in the drafting of its General Terms of Services;

2. Assistance to the world leader in modular construction in the context of the implementation of a CRM tool in the cloud (SalesForces): drafting and negotiation of the integration contract of this solution, analysis of the impacts of this solution on the legislation protecting personal data;

3. Assistance to one of the main logistic operators in the industrial and automotive sector for a global outsourcing project of its entire IT infrastructure worldwide: assistance in the definition of the legal requirements of the call for tenders launched for the implementation of this project and the selection of the various candidates; drafting and negotiation of an outsourcing contract with the candidates;

4. Assistance to a major European textile rental and maintenance group in the context of an IT dispute relating to the integration of a management software package, including legal expertise.

Latest publications

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