Online identity theft

Cabinet FÉRAL helps its clients to protect their identity against identity thieves.

The impersonation of a person or the use of identifying data is an offence when committed with a view to disturbing the peace of a person or the peace of another person, or with a view to damaging their honour or reputation.

Identity theft can be facilitated by digital tools: false email addresses or false profiles on social networks can be used to commit other offences (for example, offences related to the abuse of freedom of expression or other common law offences), or to undermine the dignity of the persons whose identity is stolen.

Cabinet FÉRAL’s lawyers assist their clients in identity theft situations, from identifying the persons responsible with Internet access providers to initiating criminal proceedings with a view to stopping the fraudulent acts and repairing their consequences.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company where a former director, who had become a competitor, was impersonating the current director in order to interfere with the company’s activities;

2. Assistance to a company specialised in offering products and services to companies and their employees and to its director, victims of identity theft on social networks for the purpose of attempted fraud;

3. Assistance to a company in the insurance sector that was the victim of identity theft, the perpetrators having attempted to use its reputation to set up a vast fraud operation to the detriment of consumers.

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