Infringement of automated data processing systems

Data processing systems play a crucial role in the life of companies. Cabinet FÉRAL helps you defend their integrity.

Corporate data processing systems are an operational and competitive asset. The FÉRAL law firm intervenes in this area, which involves both criminal law and intellectual property law.

The firm’s lawyers assist their clients in all cases of intrusion or fraudulent access to an automated data processing system, as well as in cases of interference with its operation. They are competent in all matters relating to the extraction, deletion, reproduction, transmission or fraudulent alteration of data, as well as in the compensation of damages resulting from such actions.

Cabinet FÉRAL also acts before the civil and criminal courts in cases of infringement of the sui generis rights of database producers.

Finally, when a breach of an automated data processing system compromises the security of personal data, Cabinet FÉRAL takes all necessary steps with the CNIL and the persons concerned.

Recent experiences

1. Assisting a leading bibliographic record publisher in criminal proceedings following the hacking of its database by a competitor;

2. Assistance to liberal professionals in the context of a data breach carried out by means of ransomware.

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