Fintech – Medtech – Biotech & Cleantech

From early stage start-ups, through unicorns, to multinational companies, Cabinet FÉRAL supports your technological innovations in these sectors.

Our lawyers assist economic actors of all sizes in the elaboration, development, realization and evolution of their technological projects.

With several decades of experience, Cabinet FÉRAL has developed a thorough knowledge of the technical issues that can accompany innovations, and our lawyers are at your side to find the most appropriate legal answers.

We can assist you in all of your procedures: drafting of terms and conditions, management of your intangible assets (trademarks, domain names, software protection, designs), drafting of contracts with your partners, suppliers and customers (B2B and B2C), dealing with the authorities (ACPR, DGCCRF, CNIL, tax authorities, etc.), or even ensuring compliance with applicable legislation.

Recent experiences

1. Review of the navigation tunnel of a platform available to caregivers during a health crisis due to Covid-19 ;

2. Assistance to a company specialized in the provision of services for the benefit of hospitalized persons or following their hospitalization in terms of personal data for the compliance of online spaces related to hospitalization, requests for individual rooms, consultations of final patients;

3. Assistance to a start-up early stage on its legal and contractual issues related to the financial analysis tool for blockchain networks it has developed;

4. Assistance to a Medtech company in the definition of a protection strategy for the online platform created by this company, composed of algorithms, software, graphical interfaces, allowing users to perform tests and diagnostics of particles, molecules or cells;

5. Assistance to a company specialized in intelligent urban agriculture in securing its rights to its farm management software.

Latest publications

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