Cabinet FÉRAL acts as plaintiff and defendant in all proceedings related to the enforcement of judgments and the preservation of its clients’ rights.

Obtaining a favourable court decision is one thing – obtaining effective enforcement by the opponent is another. FÉRAL’s lawyers put their skills in enforcement at the service of their clients, both as plaintiffs and defendants, in all proceedings relating to the enforcement of judgments or rulings, including those concerning the enforcement in France of foreign decisions or vice versa.

On the claim side, the firm uses all available procedures to preserve its clients’ rights: provisional enforcement, protective measures, seizure of assets, seizure for sale, penalty payments, etc.

In defence, these same skills are used to serve the debtor’s interests: release of protective measures, stopping provisional execution, requesting payment deadlines, etc.

The firm’s lawyers are also used to seeking amicable agreements between debtors and creditors regarding the enforcement of court decisions (settlement agreements, payment schedules, etc.).

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company in obtaining the suspension of the provisional execution of a judgment in first instance ;

2. Assistance to a company in the consumer goods distribution sector in the context of a patent infringement dispute, following which FÉRAL’s lawyers had to initiate various procedures in order to protect its client’s interests (e.g. protective pledge);

3. Assistance to a major French media group and one of its subsidiaries in a dispute relating to the marketing of devices intended to allow free access to conditional access television services (encrypted programmes) that they publish and distribute, and involving significant compensation claims for the recovery of which protective measures are envisaged;

4. Assistance to a major conditional access television programme publisher in the context of a large-scale dispute relating to the creation of Internet sites allowing live viewing free of charge of the channels, and in particular video streams of sporting events, which they publish and distribute on an exclusive basis, in particular in the context of the recovery of large sums claimed as damages (implementation of precautionary measures: mortgages, seizures, etc.)

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