Domain names

As a strategic tool for referencing on the Internet, the domain name is an essential component of the intangible assets of any entity, regardless of its activities.

The Cabinet FÉRAL advises you before reserving a domain name for your Internet site, in your naming strategy, in order to identify the most relevant terms with regard to your activity and thus to ensure you an effective referencing and a strong visibility on Internet.

We accompany you in all the steps of the reservation of your domain name, from the identification of the available terms with the Registries to the reservation and the registration itself with a Registrar.

We also ensure the management of your domain name portfolio by making the necessary modifications and renewals, and by monitoring identical or similar domain names registered subsequently to yours.

Finally, we defend your rights in the event of infringement of your domain names, whether before the courts or, thanks to Christiane Féral-Schuhl’s experience as a WIPO Cyber Arbitrator, in the context of out-of-court settlement of your domain name disputes.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company in identifying the author of the fraudulent misappropriation of several domain names, in the provisional suspension of these domain names and in their recovery before the judicial judge;

2. Assistance to a software company in a dispute with a competitor, in particular regarding the registration and use of domain names criticized by the latter;

3. Assistance to a real estate company in the context of the organization of the transfer of intellectual property rights on a software and the transfer of a domain name.

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