Cyber and technological risks insurance

Phishing, ransomware, and fake technical support scams are some of the new risks to protect yourself against. Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in their management.

Taking into account the risks associated with the use of technology is absolutely necessary for all players in the economy.

Upstream, it is important to take care of the contracts with the IT service providers and suppliers of various technological solutions. Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in the drafting and negotiation of all contractual documents on this subject: hosting contracts, contracts for the provision of an on premise or SaaS solution, SLAs, insurance contracts for cyber risks, etc.

Downstream, Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in managing the consequences of a cyber-attack on your clients, partners and service providers. Our lawyers have developed a wealth of experience that enables them to provide you with personalized solutions. They carry out all the necessary steps to manage this type of crisis:

– Filing complaints and initiating proceedings before the civil and criminal courts;
– Notifications to the CNIL;
– Expertise in collaboration with IT experts to identify and remedy data breaches.

Recent experiences

1. Assisting a healthcare company with an accidental data breach ;

2. Assistance to liberal professionals in the context of a data breach operated through ransomware;

3. Assistance to a company in the packaging sector in the context of a data theft and phishing attempt by a former employee;

4. Assisting a company in the employee products and services sector in the context of a large-scale online fraud operation of which it was a victim;

5. Assistance to an individual in a criminal dispute relating to fraudulent investments in Bitcoin;

6. Drafting of a monthly watch on the legal aspects of cybersecurity for the digital security department of an international French industrial group; this watch deals with cybersecurity issues (data loss, security breaches, cybersecurity actors, regulations, controls and sanctions…) in France, Europe and the rest of the world.

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