The issue of the protection of intellectual works in all their variety is made paramount by the increasing number of infringements of copyright.

Since its creation, Cabinet FÉRAL has been assisting economic players in all sectors of activity (multinational companies, start-ups, very small businesses, etc.) in the development and protection of their intellectual property rights, an essential part of their assets.

In this respect, we intervene in particular to enhance and defend your copyrights and related rights on all types of intellectual property objects (software, software packages, audiovisual programmes, multimedia and digital content, Internet sites, etc.).

We put our experience at your service for the entire duration of your rights, from the definition of the most appropriate strategy for their enhancement to their defence against all types of infringement, in both judicial and extra-judicial proceedings, including the negotiation and drafting of contracts for their exploitation.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to an electronic communications operator in an action for interim relief brought against it concerning the allegedly infringing presence of software embedded in its Internet boxes;

2. Assistance to a private individual who is a defendant in a personal capacity and as a representative of a legal entity, in a criminal case concerning software infringement;

3. Assistance to a minor accused of having participated in the creation and supply of a forum making music and audiovisual files as well as computer software available to Internet users without the authorisation of the rights holders. The sums claimed by the latter as damages were considerably reduced by the Juvenile Court in its judgment;

4. Assistance to a major conditional access television programme publisher in the context of a large-scale dispute relating to the piracy of its encrypted channels and their content (in particular sports content), and their availability on the Internet free of charge and without its authorisation, involving significant criminal sanctions and compensation claims, and accompanied by discussions in parallel on ways of combating these frequent acts of infringement.

Latest publications

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