Blockchain & Smarts Contracts

Our mastery of Blockchain technology combined with our legal expertise accompany your development projects (ICO, smartcontracts, and others).

Blockchain technology offers many development opportunities. But beyond cryptocurrencies, development opportunities are varied, and for the most part remain to be created.

Cabinet FÉRAL puts its knowledge and know-how at your service for :

– Your approaches to the relevant authorities such as the ACPR ;
– The legal evaluation of projects and partners;
– The drafting of contractual documents;
– The compliance of your projects with the regulations in force.

Recent experiences

1. Assisting a start-up early stage company on its legal and contractual issues related to the financial analysis tool for blockchain networks it has developed;

2. Assisting an individual in a criminal litigation related to fraudulent investments in Bitcoin;

3. Assistance to a litigation financing company in the context of the setting up of an ICO.

Latest publications

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