Audiovisual – content protection

FERAL helps you protect your audiovisual content from the many acts of piracy that damage it.

Audiovisual content of all kinds (television programmes, sports content, films, etc.) is regularly subject to acts of infringement in various forms (streaming, live streaming, IPTV, pirate devices and software, etc.).

FERAL’s lawyers can help you implement protection strategies adapted to your content and the threats it faces.

We also assist you in the event of an attack on your content, whether through extrajudicial actions aimed exclusively at the removal of illicit content (e.g. LCEN notifications to hosting companies) or through legal actions aimed at both their removal and compensation for your damages (LCEN applications or for the implementation of investigative measures, LCEN summary proceedings, actions on the merits on the basis of the Intellectual Property Code, the law of 30 September 1986 relating to freedom of communication, known as the “Léotard Law”, and the numerous European regulations on the subject… ).

We also assist you in the event that you yourself are accused of infringing audiovisual content.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a major French media group and one of its publishing subsidiaries in the context of litigation, some of which are international in scope, relating to the marketing of devices designed to allow free access to the conditional access television service offers (encrypted programmes) that they publish and distribute;

2. Assistance to a major French media group and one of its publishing subsidiaries in the context of disputes relating to the creation of websites and an application allowing live viewing free of charge of the channels they publish and distribute, and in particular video streams of sporting events broadcast exclusively on these channels;

3. Assistance, in conjunction with our English correspondents, to a major French media group and its commercial partner for the exclusive broadcasting of sports content on the channels it publishes and distributes, within the framework of a pre-litigation dispute opposing them to a hosting company refusing to proceed with the immediate removal of illicit content broadcast on the websites it hosts;

4. Assistance to a minor accused of having participated in the creation and supply of a forum making music and audiovisual files and computer software available to Internet users without the authorisation of the rights holders;

5. Assistance to a major French media group in the context of a dispute relating to the contentious claim of a protected content following a Content ID upload.

Latest publications

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