Product compliance

Cabinet FÉRAL helps its clients to navigate the regulatory constraints to preserve the place of their products and services on the market

Technological products and all other everyday consumer goods are subject to specific compliance and safety regulations. Cabinet FÉRAL helps its clients to ensure compliance with the obligations applicable to them, whether they are manufacturers, importers, distributors or retailers.

The firm’s lawyers assist these various players from the design of products to their marketing, and support them in the event of controls or sanctions by the competent authorities.

Familiar with withdrawal and recall procedures, FÉRAL’s lawyers advise and support their clients in all decisions relating to the life of the product on the market and in their relations with the consumers concerned.

Finally, beyond the specific safety obligations of products placed on the market, the FÉRAL law firm assists its clients in bringing their activity into compliance with applicable regulatory constraints.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company distributing teleshopping products in the context of a DGCCRF inspection which concluded that one of their products was non-compliant;

2. Assistance to a service provider operating in the tourism sector for the review of its online air ticket ordering tunnel, in particular with regard to the Tourism Code and the Consumer Code;

3. Assistance of a company importing and marketing computer equipment and its manager in criminal proceedings in which they were accused of deceiving people about the risks and substantial qualities of a product, particularly because of its dangerousness. Both defendants were acquitted.

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