Plateformes & Marketplaces

Digital platforms and marketplaces have become essential means of economic exchange. Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in their creation and in their compliance.

Marketplaces allowing service providers to meet their customers are now present in all sectors of the economy. The creation of these online intermediation sites raises multiple legal questions:

– Choice of the legal structure ;
– Establishment of the general conditions of services with the suppliers and customers (drafting of GTCs, UGCs, GSAs);
– Definition of the roles and responsibilities of the intermediary and the stakeholders;
– Information obligation of the platform;
– Social and fiscal obligations;
– Billing scheme;
– Payment on behalf of third parties and obligations towards the ACPR;
– Validation of purchase tunnels and compliance with consumer law;
– RGPD compliance and drafting of privacy policies.

The experience of Cabinet FÉRAL’s lawyers in setting up numerous marketplaces will enable you to make the essential and structuring choices for your future activity.

Recent experiences

1. Review of the navigation tunnel of a platform for the provision of various products and services for the benefit of caregivers during a health crisis due to Covid-19;

2. Assistance to an online entertainment ticket marketplace in the compliance of its platform;

3. Assistance to a service provider operating in the tourism sector for the review of its online air ticket ordering tunnel, in particular with regard to the Tourism Code and the Consumer Code;

4. Assistance to an operator having developed a collaborative platform in the field of marketing for the elaboration of all the contractual documents intended to govern the legal relationship between the operator, its customers and users within the strict framework of a B2B relationship, including: a Saas license agreement, general terms and conditions of use of the platform (GTC), general terms and conditions of services (GTCS), standard general terms and conditions of sale for customers (GTCS), and a data protection policy concerning users;

5. Assistance to a company in the creation of a platform providing information on the median market prices for optical equipment and connecting Internet users with nearby opticians in order to allow them to obtain quotes for such optical equipment, in particular through the establishment of its general terms of use and service, its personal data protection and online review policies and its legal notices.

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