Digital identity

The management and protection of digital identity is an essential issue for both individuals and businesses.

The management and control of one’s digital self are now essential. Cases of identity theft are frequent, and concern both individuals and companies. The economic and reputational consequences are sometimes severe, especially since online identity theft is usually accompanied by the commission or attempted commission of additional offences to the detriment of the victim (e.g. forgery, fraud, counterfeiting, use of a third party’s name, attack on data processing systems, etc.).

Frequently called upon to remedy this type of event, Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in establishing protection strategies, but also in identifying and prosecuting the persons and organizations responsible for the usurpation of your identity:

– LCEN notifications;
– Legal actions before the competent jurisdictions in order to obtain technical and connection data;
– Drafting of criminal complaints and follow-up of the progress of the investigation measures with the services in charge (investigating judge, public prosecutor, police services, etc.);
– Formal notice and legal action against the perpetrators of the facts;
– Support in the crisis communication strategy with its clients and partners.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company in the insurance sector that was the victim of identity theft, as third parties tried to use its name and reputation to set up a vast fraud operation against consumers;

2. Assistance to a company in the context of the usurpation of its identity and an attack on its reputation by persons having attempted to market products infringing its commercial offer;

3. Assistance of a natural person in the context of approaches to administrative authorities for the purpose of having mentions concerning him/her persistently accessible online removed in order to respect his/her right to be forgotten;

4. Assistance of a company specialized in the proposal of products and services for companies and their employees and its manager, victims of identity theft on social networks for the purpose of attempted fraud.

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