Dematerialization, archiving and electronic signature

For contracting, providing proof, keeping documents, electronic writing has replaced paper writing.

The production and conservation of electronic documents with the objective of preserving their legal value raises complex technical, organizational and legal issues. FÉRAL assists its clients in their digital transformation by helping them decipher the legal and technical environment of dematerialization, in terms of

– Online contracting ;
– Electronic invoicing;
– Electronic pay slips, dematerialization of HR files;
– Creation of reliable copies;
– Archiving with legal value or archiving with probative value;
– Electronic archiving, electronic safe;
– Electronic signature presumed reliable, advanced, qualified;
– Electronic registered letter, electronic time stamping;
– eIDAS Regulation;
– Electronic certificate, ephemeral or “on the fly” certificate;
– Dematerialized public contracts.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to an RATP subsidiary in charge of managing RATP’s real estate assets for the implementation of an electronic signature solution dedicated to replacing mandatory paper security documents.

Latest publications

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