Data Breach

Data breach: when and how to notify the CNIL? Do you have to inform the persons concerned? Cabinet FÉRAL can assist you.

Do you believe that the personal data you process has been accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, lost, altered, or disclosed without authorization?

Whether this event is accidental or malicious, Cabinet FÉRAL can assist you in taking the appropriate measures as quickly as possible in order to limit the risks both for your company and for the persons whose data has been leaked, in particular a possible notification to the CNIL, the documentation of the event and the information to the persons concerned.

Cabinet FÉRAL’s lawyers can, if necessary, call on the services of technical experts in computer security, as well as crisis communication advisors, in order to offer you comprehensive support in managing this situation.

In the event of a CNIL inspection or sanction procedure, our team will also assist you in the responses to be provided to defend your interests.

In the event of a malicious attack, the firm can assist you before the civil and criminal courts to identify and prosecute the perpetrators of these acts.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a firm of liberal professionals victim of a ransomware to notify the data breach to the CNIL and to carry out the appropriate communication actions with the persons concerned;

2. Assistance to a company in the health sector, in the context of a data breach linked to an emailing error, in notifying the CNIL of the breach and carrying out the appropriate communication actions with the persons concerned;

3. Assistance to a video content hosting platform victim of a cyber-attack within the framework of the CNIL’s control and sanction operations in order to obtain a significant reduction in the amount of the financial penalty proposed by the CNIL’s rapporteur.
4. Assistance to a major company in the metallurgy sector in the creation of internal procedures adapted to react effectively in the event of a data breach (setting up an internal task force, raising employee awareness, setting up alert processes, documenting incidents in accordance with the principle of accountability etc.).

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