Business law

Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all aspects of your company’s life and in all areas of business law.

The economic value of your company depends in particular on securing the legal aspects of your activities.

Business law governs all activities relating to the life of your company: creation, transfer, merger, acquisition of a company, choice of corporate regime, drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts, protection of intellectual property, economic and commercial law (distribution, franchising, compliance), compliance with personal data protection and anti-corruption laws. For more than 30 years, Cabinet FÉRAL has assisted its clients in all areas of business law.

In particular, Cabinet FÉRAL has developed in-depth expertise in e-commerce, to which specific legislation applies that complements the general provisions of business law.

Finally, Cabinet FÉRAL assists you in all business disputes, before all civil, commercial and criminal courts.

Recent experiences

1. Assistance to a company publishing a news website in evaluating the modalities of ceasing its activity in view of its financial situation while an infringement action was brought against it, and in analysing the impact of such a cessation of activity on this ongoing procedure;

2. Defending the interests of a global automotive supplier and manufacturer of lighting systems and components for vehicle manufacturers in a dispute with a competitor accusing it of having obtained confidential information belonging to it through a former employee. The wide-ranging proceedings include the civil and commercial aspects of the unfair competition action, as well as the defence of the protective measures requested by the competitor company, prior to any trial on the merits;

3. 3. Action for interim relief on an hourly basis to maintain the effects of a licence agreement for a travel reservation management software package, the termination of which was brutally pronounced to the detriment of a client, a leader in the tourism sector;

4. Assistance to an intermediation company in the tourism sector in the context of a dispute for compensation for the notice period not served following the brutal termination of commercial relations by its main partner;

5. Defending the interests of a restaurant company in a dispute brought against it by a company in the same sector for acts of unfair competition and parasitism.

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